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Results Based Management

"Your crash course on Results Based Management is awesome. A great refresher for some, and a great teaching tool for someone who may be unfamiliar." - Camille P.-R., UAE

Do you want to practise Results Based Management in our day-to-day work? Are you a manager or a (emerging) planning, monitoring or evaluation specialists?

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The course has been designed by Dr. Thomas Winderl from the It sums up his over 20 years of experience working with UN agencies and international NGOs.

Here is what you'll learn

  1. Results - what they really are
  2. The five pillars of practical RBM
  3. How to better manage for results
  4. How to better plan for results
  5. How to better monitor results
  6. How to better report on results

This free course is run by and Dr. Thomas Winderl.

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